Wireless CCTV cameras, systems and kits

Posted by   Adam Downey
25 Apr 2017

We often get asked about wireless CCTV as people understandably are looking for an easy to install solution. However we have to understand the technologies available and the limitations.

Generally speaking we do not recommend wireless, unless you really need to use it as a wired camera connection is a more reliable one. (Of course if you are looking to position cameras at great distances apart it may be your only option with these specialist wireless transmitters.)

If you must go wireless around the house/business you will need to look at IP cameras and kits as the HD over coax methods must be wired. Even if going down this route you must still provide power to each of the cameras, using a wire.

There are only very few IP cameras with wireless (wifi) built into them and these are only good for indoor use generally where there is good signal. (You can view the options here incuding the cube cam, which is a nice mobile option). These cameras initially need to be plugged in to your router with a wire so you can set them up to work over wifi.

However you could run any of the other IP cameras without a long wire run (even a whole kit) if you were to use homeplugs/powerline adapters. Homeplugs use your mains electrical wiring to bridge the connection between the plugs and are generally more reliable and less complex than relying on wireless transmitters .

This Solwise Homeplug has POE built into it so you could have each camera connected up via a single short cable run (cat 5) to one of these each internally, at a power socket.

Then one of these could be used back at the NVR, at another socket to receive the camera signals (up to 8):

Please note that homeplugs do have their limitations as they do depend on decent electrical wiring at your property but in most instances you should not have a problem, as long as they are all running off the same main fusebox/meter.


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