Ajax Smart Wireless Alarm Systems Are Here

19 Oct 2019

CCTV Kits are proud to be a UK distribution partner for AJAX - The Ukrainian tech company, while new to the UK have already taken the security industry by storm in over 80 countries. With an all new approach to deploying and managing such a system purely via the slick smartphone applications (while still being grade 2 compliant), it is no wonder they have recently scooped 'intruder alarm of the year' amongst other awards.

Existing professional alarm systems that adhere to grade 2 requirements, generally use a complicated and clunky 2-line LCD programming interface for installation and configuration, something that has not changed decades. These pose a challenge to even electrical tradesman who are not familiar with their specific interface and complicated menu structure.

Ajax sat down with an iphone and decided this now could be done MUCH better, along with improved wireless sensor performance boasting and impressive 7-year battery life. Fire & CO2 plus water leak detectors are also avaialble to add to any setup.

We have our first shipment at our warehouses in the Midlands and ready to take your order!

See: https://www.cctvkits.co.uk/alarms/


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