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Bullets vs Dome CCTV Cameras?

26 Oct 2017
Adam Downey
Bullets vs Dome CCTV Cameras?

There are two or three main types of multi-use CCTV camera on the market today. They are the bullet/barrel type of camera, vandal dome camera and eyeball/turret camera, here we list some of the pros and cons of each and ideal mounting locations.

Bullet cameras


Great for mounting outdoors on walls, where exposed to the elements due to the sun shield.

They also come in full size which provide a more obvious visual detterent.

Easy to adjust giving more flexibility when setting up your security system.


Can be easily compromised at night due to spiders depending upon the location. They can also be moved by people if they are within reach.

Vandal Dome cameras


Ideal for mounting low down within reach of potential vandals such as under garage eaves/porches and doorways; lockable screws mean they cannot be pushed aside and the covers are replaceable.

A great subtle choice for both outdoor and indoor use as these are great for horizontal mounting (although not limited to unless of the hiwatch range).


The glass bubble if wet/dirty can cause IR to bounce back at night clouding the image so they should be sheltered ideally for external use or at least on a bracket so they are still facing down.

Turret Dome/Eyeball Cameras


A great all around choice and perfect for mounting under eaves higher up or just out of reach.

Easy to adjust.

No problem with spiders or IR bounce back.


Not vandal proof so they can be compromised by people moving them about.

They provide less weather protection than bullets.


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