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Hik Pro Connect is a new app for the Hikvision CCTV installer

11 Nov 2020
Adam Downey

Hik Pro Connect is a new app for the Hikvision CCTV installer, that allows you to setup & remotely manage devices that the end user can operate as normal on the Hik Connect platform using the existing app.

While some basic functionality is free enhanced features are charged via a subscription model (a nominal annual cost per device), you do get a free trial of all of the features for up to 5 devices when you first get started. (Installers will have to request an authorization code of us to gain full access.)

So what are the main benefits for FREE?

  • The basic app allows you to manage existing devices via authorization or setup new ones across multiple customer's sites (1024 devices max) - new devices can be setup and 'handed over'
  • A substantial amount of remote configuration controls not yet seen on the existing apps (you can for example draw motion detection areas, even format hard drives all without port forwarding)
  • You don’t get the standard end user motion alerts etc yourself, the app is purely about managing the systems.
  • Basic tools including a HDD disk/ & bandwidth calculator

What are the main benefits when paying?

  • Unlimited devices
  • Linkage Rules - You can configure automatic changes to a CCTV system based upon the Hikvision AX Pro alarm arming status - for example enabling privacy masking upon dis arming.
  • Health monitoring – this allows you to stay on top and get alerted to any issues that may arise such as cameras knocked offline or hard drive failures.
  • Employee Permission management and logging – here you can setup and restrict what each of your employees can and can’t do, from managing one site, to managing all sites to being able to manage the entire Hik Pro Connect account with logging of employee activity (for management)
  • Co Branding – this is a big one, the customer apps can display your logo instead of Hikvision’s on the app.

How much does this cost?

  • Once authorized (as an installer) you then gain access to pricing with annual fees per device or per 10/20 devices.

What about privacy concerns?

  • The end user still has control over this, they can at any time prevent cameras from being viewed or recordings played, leaving all current health signalling and statuses in place as well as remote configuration options – only allowing viewing if necessary, with an optional time limit.

Any enhanced features?

  • Temperature screening, mask detection and people counting alerts are also available.

App Downloads:

You can now find all of the Android and Apple apps at this page (some are now missing from some app stores are are not up to date): https://appstore.hikvision.com/

More info from Hikvision:

For more reading visit: https://www.hikvision.com/uk/products/software/hik-proconnect/



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