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Important Hikvision Security Notice

26 Sep 2021
Adam Downey

Over this last week, Hikvision has released numerous firmware updates for a select range of products to fix a newly discovered security concern for devices that may be accessed online using port forwarding. For most people just using Hik Connect, this should be of no major concern. (Port forwarding is not seen as the most secure way of doing things anyway, you should in these cases be using a VPN server-client setup).


The list of products affected by the vulnerability can be accessed through the Security Advisory on the Hikvision website or you can download this handy spreadsheet with links to the appropriate firmware files: https://www.cctvkits.co.uk/securitytable2021.xls


We also have a new blog post detailing how you go about performing a firmware update: https://www.cctvkits.co.uk/blog/updating-firmware-on-hikvision-cctv-cameras-recorders/


Of course, if you purchased the item from us we are more than happy to help if you get stuck!


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