Perimeter Protection Simplified with Smart CCTV & Alarm Solutions

06 Jul 2022

While a standard CCTV System is a great start for securing a property, there are many cases where thieves are simply recorded without detection and with their faces covered.

Poor motion detection reliability has always been the problem, with nature often triggering false alerts, making the functionality next to useless. However recent advances have addressed the issue while remaining relatively affordable and simple to install:

In-camera analytics with false alarm reduction: now included in many decent spec cameras (nearly all trade ones such as Hikvision AcuSense as well as the 'available to all' VALE iPro series). These offer an affordable all-in-one approach that significantly reduces the number of false alarms, although does not eliminate them entirely (approx. 80% reduction).

Kit Example:

This includes mobile alerts as per the other solutions below.

Smart Wireless PIR Detectors with Inbuilt Camera: These offer an extremely reliable and quick-to-deploy solution, but as an add-on to either the AJAX or AX Pro Wireless Alarm Hub Kits.

These must be mounted at lower down levels (although they have tamper detection) and are good for keeping an eye on shorter-range (<15m) open areas only. Cost-wise budget double that of a normal smart camera mentioned above as well as the hub kit costs.

These detectors only take a series of low-resolution photographs upon detection for alarm verification. (Which are still nice to have on top of a CCTV system with their instant transmission to your phone)

Product link: 

Without camera (could complement a standard CCTV system: 

Thermal cameras – Hikvision have made this more affordable than ever, with the Heat Pro Series of cameras that combine a normal camera sensor with a thermal sensor to offer super reliable perimeter protection and fire detection, the ultimate all-in-one solution – these manage to pick out human and vehicle targets with increased reliability over larger areas (with the correct lens selection) and have few drawbacks. These can cost a few times that of a standard camera although are not as expensive as they used to be.

View the range here:



There are other specialist wired detectors that serve specific purposes, such as stand-alone PIRs and lazer beams for various distances - of course, this all adds to cost and complexity and requires more specialist know-how for correct setup.

Installers looking to cover large commercial areas should checkout the Hikvision Radar - A unique solution offering constant and reliable 100 degree target tracking (multiple targets) – a professional product that must be paired with additional cameras for visual verification and works well with the Hik Central Software.


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