£12.46 (£14.95 inc VAT)
This is a spare Lawmate NP120 Li-ion battery. Rated at 2000maH. It fits the PV800, PV806, PV1000 Digital video recorders. It will also fit the TBR1255 and TBR2455 transmitters and receivers.

£29.13 (£34.96 inc VAT)
This is a spare battery for the PV500Eco and PV500Evo digital video recording systems. Also compatible with Eco 2, Lite 2 and Evo 2. Rated at 2200mah it will provide 3 hours of record time. Compatible with: Lawmate PV500 Eco Lawmate PV500 Evo Lawmate...

£45.79 (£54.95 inc VAT)
This extended battery pack has double the capacity of the standard battery for the PV500 EVO 2 and PV500 Lite 2 Clip this battery to the back of your DVR and double the record time to around 6 hours. Rated at 3.7v 4400mAh 6 hour record time Compatible with: Lawmate...

£45.79 (£54.95 inc VAT)
This charger will quick charge 2 x PV500 batteries at the same time. Compatible with both the BA2200 and the newerr BA4400 extended battery packs for both the PV500 ECO and PV500 EVO. Use with the mains charger supplied with all Lawmate PV500 recorders.

£55.37 (£66.44 inc VAT)

This is the LawMate PI-RF50TX remote controller for the LawMate PV-500 HDW Pro and PV-500L4i recording units

£66.63 (£79.96 inc VAT)

The Lawmate AR100 is a covert audio voice activated recording system disguised as a standard key fob car alarm blipper.

£102.87 (£123.44 inc VAT)

These "in-ear" style headphones contain one of the

smallest CCD spy cameras ever built. The camera part is embedded into

the earphone in such a way it can only be seen on extremely close


£102.87 (£123.44 inc VAT)
The LawMate RD10 is a perfect counter surveillance pocket device. Using the same technology as the popular Lawmate SC1000, the device is perfect for picking up hidden camera lenses in a dark room.

£110.80 (£132.96 inc VAT)

The LawMate CM-BU19 is the upgrade to the existing BU18 button camera offering new ultra-low light sensitivity with minimum illumination of 0.005 lux!

£116.63 (£139.96 inc VAT)

The LawMate CM-BU18HD Cone is a 1080p digital camera providing exceptional full HD image quality with superb low-light sensitivity.

£134.54 (£161.45 inc VAT)
RC200 HD2 Keyfob Covert Camera This is the LawMate RC200HD2 Camera System, a 1080p high definition key-fob and new 5 mega-pixel HD sensor This is the 4 th generation key fob from LawMate now offering 1080p high definition capture in addition to 5 mega pixel snap-shots and a new Wide...

£142.46 (£170.95 inc VAT)

The LawMate CM-NT18HD is a 1080p digital tie camera providing exceptional full HD image quality with superb low-light sensitivity.

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