Covert/Spy Cameras

A range of specialist products for covert operations as well as wearable cameras for Law Enforcement or other.

£55.37 (£66.44 inc VAT)

This is the LawMate PI-RF50TX remote controller for the LawMate PV-500 HDW Pro and PV-500L4i recording units

£66.63 (£79.96 inc VAT)

The Lawmate AR100 is a covert audio voice activated recording system disguised as a standard key fob car alarm blipper.

£68.99 (£82.79 inc VAT)
If you require covert internal surveillance or less obvious cameras around your home then this PIR type cameras features a 3.6mm pinhole lens, a 1/29" sensor providing incredibly clear images with 10m of infra red coming from where the sensor usually is encased! (Price excludes cable and power...

£102.87 (£123.44 inc VAT)

These "in-ear" style headphones contain one of the

smallest CCD spy cameras ever built. The camera part is embedded into

the earphone in such a way it can only be seen on extremely close


£102.87 (£123.44 inc VAT)
The LawMate RD10 is a perfect counter surveillance pocket device. Using the same technology as the popular Lawmate SC1000, the device is perfect for picking up hidden camera lenses in a dark room.

£108.33 (£130.00 inc VAT)
These high resolution HD 1080P covert cameras are disguised in a realistic smoke detector case, they are easily disguised in a room where a smoke detector might normally sit. The camera has a 3.7mm fixed pinhole lens that fits snugly into the smoke detector case suitable on a large number of...

£110.80 (£132.96 inc VAT)

The LawMate CM-BU19 is the upgrade to the existing BU18 button camera offering new ultra-low light sensitivity with minimum illumination of 0.005 lux!

£116.63 (£139.96 inc VAT)

The LawMate CM-BU18HD Cone is a 1080p digital camera providing exceptional full HD image quality with superb low-light sensitivity.

£134.54 (£161.45 inc VAT)
RC200 HD2 Keyfob Covert Camera This is the LawMate RC200HD2 Camera System, a 1080p high definition key-fob and new 5 mega-pixel HD sensor This is the 4 th generation key fob from LawMate now offering 1080p high definition capture in addition to 5 mega pixel snap-shots and a new Wide...

£142.46 (£170.95 inc VAT)

The LawMate CM-NT18HD is a 1080p digital tie camera providing exceptional full HD image quality with superb low-light sensitivity.

£149.96 (£179.95 inc VAT)

LawMate PV-RC200HDW Camera System, a 1080p high definition key-fob, new 5 mega-pixel HD sensor and now with built-in Wi-Fi.

This is the 5th generation key fob from LawMate, an upgrade to the well-known PV-RC200HD2. In addition to offering 1080p high definition capture, 5 mega pixel snap-shots and a new Wide Dynamic Range sensor (WDR), the new RC200HDW now includes Wi-Fi connectivity to smart devices. All supplied in a brand new design, the RC200HDW now has a heavier, higher quality feel about it.

£150.37 (£180.44 inc VAT)

The LawMate HB19 is the latest design bag fit camera.

£158.29 (£189.95 inc VAT)

The Lawmate IP45 recorder appears to be an external power bank for your iPhone, it is actually a complete recording system. Unlike all other covert phone recorders, whilst recording you can pass this to anyone and all they see is a working mobile phone avoiding any suspicion.Operation of this high definition recorder couldn’t be simpler. Once attached to your phone, it has a single button operation.

£178.08 (£213.70 inc VAT)

This is the LawMate MU10, a stationary covert wireless mouse converting your desktop in to a video recording studio.

£186.63 (£223.96 inc VAT)

Necklace design mini spy camera. Possibly the world’s smallest spy camera hidden inside a necklace pendant.

£189.62 (£227.54 inc VAT)

All recordings are stored on a Micro SD card (which is provided) using standard H.264 encoding with a .MOV video file format. The built-in battery will provide around 1.5 hours of continuous recordings.

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