Pyronix XDH10TT-AM External Motion Detector (Tri Signal Reliability)

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If you want reliable external motion detection, this is about the best solution out there for up to 10m of detection. False alarms should be non-existent due to the multi-sensor configuration.

This can be used as part of a Pyronix alarm system or separately using as 12v power supply and wired into a CCTV camera or recorder that has an available alarm input.


The XDH10TTAM is a high security outdoor detector, combining established and patented technologies such as Tri-Digital Detection Signal Processing and Tri-Anti-Mask Technology which have been adapted to enhance performance in extreme outdoor conditions.

An advanced filter that is designed to protect against false alarm activations in environments with windy weather conditions and swaying vegetation.

The detection of human presence is based on the advanced analysis of the activation sequence of the microwave movement sensor and the two independent digital PIR sensors. All three sensors are required to activate at the same time in a particular time window to create an alarm state. Using tri-signal detection logic enhances the detector’s immunity to environmental disturbances.

Tri Detection range
The range of XD is determined by the combined range of the three detection technologies it uses – two PIR sensors and one microwave detector. For best performance in outdoor conditions the Tri Detection range is specified between 10m to 13m depending on the lens fitted to the PIR detectors.

2.4m Installation Mode (Lens 5, 10m range): In this mode the detector is installed at height of 2.4m providing volumetric coverage of the area and animal immunity of up to 10kg. This is the factory default configuration where the detector is fitted with Lens 5.
1.5m Installation Mode (Lens 3, 13m range): In this mode the detector is installed at an height of 1.5m providing horizontal curtain coverage of the area and animal immunity of up to 25kg. This is an alternative configuration where the detector is fitted with the supplied Lens 3.

Datasheet (xd10ttam-external-detector-technical-data-sheet-rmkt090380-1, 1,933 Kb) [Download]

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