Smoke Screens and Accessories

£275.00 (£330.00 inc VAT)
The Smoke Screen Sound Barrier (S3B) complements security smoke perfectly. Upon activation an intolerable wall of sound is created forcing any intruder to leave the area. As with our entire range of security systems, the effect produced is perfectly safe. Additionally, the design of the S3B...

By producing an intense light effect, the screening properties of any security smoke is magnified immensely. Imagine driving into thick fog and then turning your vehicle's full beam on and you will get a small idea of the sensation. The unit itself is small, robust and designed with style in...

£569.00 (£682.80 inc VAT)
The S35 is a Security fog machine for smaller office/shop areas or for home use, producing 400m3 per minute.

£659.00 (£790.80 inc VAT)
The S55 is a security fog machine for mid sized office/smaller shop producing 650m3 per minute.

£845.00 (£1,014.00 inc VAT)
Security fog for mid sized premises with the S70 security fog machine producing 800m3 per minute - Mid-sized shop / ATM

£945.00 (£1,134.00 inc VAT)
Safeguard your premises with the largest security fog machine in the range producing 1400m3 per minute - Ideal For large retail / warehouse