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Swann CCTV is a brand we were mostly focused on when we began trading back in 2010. There were a fair range of analogue cameras and DVRs, including nicely packaged one box systems. Over time however Swann CCTV started to lag behind the competition with the uptake of HD IP CCTV and as we worked with other brands we realized Swann's limited range of retail focused consumer products were not the best value for money either.

In 2014 it was clear Swann had no interest in the smaller retailers as product availability all but dried up completely via the min UK distributor so they could focus purely on the larger retail sheds. This means for the consumer they have to put up with poor support from the inexperienced shop staff and much complained about Swann CCTV technical support line.

Although some of the analogue CCTV kits (low end stuff) are not bad value really, it's with HD CCTV (IP) and the newer technologies that you will pay a premium for with a Swann badge on it. One of our 2MP 1080p 4 cameras kits on our HD IP CCTV Kits page comes in at under £600 where as the comparative Swann bundle is over 50% more!

Our offerings include Hikvision, one of the biggest names now in CCTV who in fact manufacture some of the IP systems that Swann re-badge.

Not only that we allow you to customize the system to your needs and include efficient support including free remote setup assistance!


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