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VALE Pro Series - 5MP Starlight IP Turret Dome Camera with inbuilt Mic + 30m IR

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A high quality turret dome camera like no other from VALE with an inbuilt microphone and the Sony Starlight 5 Megapixel Sensor for superior low light ability for when it really matters. 30m of smart IR, H.265 efficient encoding, an all metal body and bracket.


* Starlight illumination (Colour down to 0.005 Lux)

* Day/night functionality

* SmartIR ,up to 30 m (98 ft) IR distance

* Optical glass window with higher light transmittance

* IR anti-reflection window to increase the infrared transmittance

* 2D/3D DNR (Digital Noise Reduction)


* Ultra 265,H.265, H.264, MJPEG

* Embedded smart algorithm

* Triple streams

* 9:16 corridor format


* ONVIF Conformance


* Wide temperature range: -35°C to 60°C (-31°F to 140°F)

* Wide voltage range of ±25%

* IP67

Please note Vale and Uniview are compatible with eachother.

3 Year Warranty

Mobile viewing without port forwarding using the Guard Viewer Apps:




Lens Size:
IR Night Vision Range:
External Use:
Standard POE
Vandal Resistant:
Built in Microphone
PDF Downloads

Datasheet (VALE_IPC5-TD30.pdf, 288 Kb) [Download]


I have been looking for an alternative to hikvision (as opposed to hiksense) given their better models were not available to me (a consumer). I took a chance with Vale given there was not much available on the internet but am very impressed so far.

Having already tried hikvision cameras (prior to the rule of not selling the better models to consumers), I must say I'm very impressed with the vale cameras (note I have also tried the later hikvision cameras available to consumers (the hiksense models) and vale cameras are noticeably better). I purchased the 4 port NVR so my experiences are based on Vale cameras connected to a Vale NVR (rather than connected directly to a network storage device (NAS) such as a raspberry pi with OpenMediaVault installed, though based on the options in the camera setup, this appears to be possible also).

I found the setup to be relatively easy. Since I find it hard to patchy own network cable, I bought premolded 25m cat5 Ethernet cables, connecting one end to the camera (if you want to use the weatherproof Ethernet connection housing supplied with the camera, you might need to carefully shave off plastic from the premold cable connector or patch your own network cable), cutting the other end and terminating at a cat5 jack. I then installed a 2TB SSD in the 4 port vale NVR and connected to the cat5 jack. This appears to have sufficient space for 2 weeks of storage for two cameras at high quality. This could probably be extended out to 4 weeks with a lower frame rate or having motion detection only recording during some or all of the day.

Image clarity and IR illumination at night were excellent (eventually). Initially, the clarity was bad in the early morning due to condensation on the lens. However, after a couple of days, this cleared up such that now it is no longer an issue; it appears the cameras simply required time to aclimatise.

Access (to view live and recorded video) is relatively good. There appears to be three ways of achieving this. Either (1) through the NVR itself (an additional purchase) connected to a computer monitor, (2) through a web browser or (3) via an Apple or Android third party app.

(1) The NVR approach appears to work but as this was eventually installed in loft, this approach was not explored any further.

(2) The browser option was okay, but modern web browsers are somewhat picky with the add-on that needs to be installed to view video (I had similar experiences with hikvision). ,Though the best compatibility I found was with Internet Explorer. There was worse comparability with Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome. I wasn't able to export any video using the browser, but I'm sure with further experimentation this could be made to work.

The best approach to exporting video was via the third party phone app which is excellent (similar in design and functionality to hikvision's ivms app). Though any setup will still need to be done using the web browser. I found it very easy and intuitive to export snapshots and video snippets using the phone app which can subsequently be transferred when necessary to a computer.

Cctvkits do supply a good printed guide explaining how to set up the cameras (and NVR). I did have a problem initially when setting up the phone app. However I think this was due to me manually setting up the camera using its IP address rather than the QR code on the camera. Make sure you do the latter (which is the approach that was recommended by cctvkits,). In the end I did this as well but a reboot of the NVR was necessary.

So far, I haven't needed to tweak or fix the setup so it appears to be stable and one of those systems you can forget about until you need to review footage.

In the past I have always opted for a raspberry pi with a USB SSD connected as opposed to a dedicated NVR, given the cost of the latter. However, since the NVR has PPPOE capability, the cost is now comparable and I would recommend the NVR route.
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