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100% Wireless CCTV Camera Systems & Video Doorbells (+ Alarms)

While wireless CCTV camera systems may not be the most professional way to go, for lower risk applications it can still provide adaquate performance without the hasstle of running any wires at all. While the Eufy camera have an incredible up to one year battery life, this is managed by only recording when there is any motion and the recording capacity is limited to the hubs 16gb capacity at present (IP cameras can be recorded to NAS storage also).

You will also find with these type of kits that the camera lenses are the ultra wide type, as such are best suited to lower down close range applications only. Also wireless also has limits, so for larger properties a wired solution is still best.

On the whole these are impressive solutions with the easiest of setup procedures.

(If you are looking for a more professional solution or for linking up buildings you can use a wired IP system and wireless bridges or various wireless adapters to become semi wireless with mains power.