£12.46  (£14.95 inc VAT)   
This is a spare Lawmate NP120 Li-ion battery. Rated at 2000maH. It fits the PV800, PV806, PV1000 Digital video recorders. It will also fit the TBR1255 and TBR2455 transmitters and receivers.

£24.99  (£29.99 inc VAT)   
PV-1000 wired remote controller A wired remote control for the PV-1000 touch. Plug this remote in to control on/off and record start/stop functions. A simple switch allows you to operate the unit whilst keeping it safely tucked away. Two LEDs will tell you the status of the...

£29.13  (£34.96 inc VAT)   
This is a spare battery for the PV500Eco and PV500Evo digital video recording systems. Also compatible with Eco 2, Lite 2 and Evo 2. Rated at 2200mah it will provide 3 hours of record time. Compatible with: Lawmate PV500 Eco Lawmate PV500 Evo Lawmate...

£45.79  (£54.95 inc VAT)   
This extended battery pack has double the capacity of the standard battery for the PV500 EVO 2 and PV500 Lite 2 Clip this battery to the back of your DVR and double the record time to around 6 hours. Rated at 3.7v 4400mAh 6 hour record time Compatible with:...

£108.29  (£129.95 inc VAT)   

The LawMate RD10 is a perfect counter surveillance pocket device. Using the same technology as the popular Lawmate SC1000, the device is perfect for picking up hidden camera lenses in a dark room.

£124.96  (£149.95 inc VAT)   
RC200 HD2 Keyfob Covert Camera This is the LawMate RC200HD2 Camera System, a 1080p high definition key-fob and new 5 mega-pixel HD sensor This is the 4 th generation key fob from LawMate now offering 1080p high definition capture in addition to 5 mega pixel snap-shots and a new Wide Dynamic...

£174.16  (£208.99 inc VAT)   
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This is the brand new LawMate PV-RC200HDi Camera System, a 1080p high definition key-fob, new 5 mega-pixel HD sensor and now with built-in Wi-Fi & IP. This is the 6 th generation 2017 key fob from LawMate, an upgrade to the well-known PV-RC200HDW. In addition to offering 1080p high...

£208.29  (£249.95 inc VAT)   

The LawMate IP7W recorder appears to be an external power bank for your iPhone 7, it is actually a Wi-Fi enabled complete recording system. Unlike all other covert phone recorders, whilst recording you can pass this to anyone and all they see is a working mobile phone avoiding any suspicion.

£224.96  (£269.95 inc VAT)   

LawMate innovation has improved an already great product. Setting new standards in ‘walk-around’ covert video recording, the new generation PV-CC10W is a complete video recording solution built in to the lid of a coffee cup.

£233.29  (£279.95 inc VAT)   

Although the LawMate BT10i recorder appears to be a Bluetooth speaker, it is actually a Wi-Fi and IP enabled complete recording system. The Wi-Fi connection permits full user control via your smart phone or tablet, the IP connection will allow you to view, listen and watch content from anywhere in the world.

£233.29  (£279.95 inc VAT)   

The LawMate PV-50 HD2W recorder is a full HD, 1080p high definition DVR with Wi-Fi connectivity. The Wi-Fi connection permits full user control via your smart phone or tablet.

£233.29  (£279.95 inc VAT)   

This is the new innovative LawMate PV-DY10i. A Wi-Fi & IP enabled DIY camera system.

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