5-8 camera HD kits

Our 5-8 camera HD-TVI (Turbo Analogue Kits) provide everything required to get up and running out of the box is included in the kits including all cabling necessary as an option. These kits offer superb value for money while still delivering a 1080p and above image.

The Essential Kits are 1080p (2 megapixel) with a basic feature set, at an incredible price. A huge improvement on analogue at old analogue prices.

The Advanced Kits are also 2 megapixel but include enhanced camera features to handle awkward lighting and include a fine tuning menu system. The recorders are also more capable.

The Pro Kits provide an even more impressive 3 megapixel image with a similar feature set as the advanced kits.

£369.99  (Including VAT)   
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1080P CCTV with a variety of camera options including a new PTZ bullet at an amazing price!

£429.99  (Including VAT)   
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A hugely popular, wallet friendly 1080P (2 Megapixel) and above (3 Megapixel on the first 2 channel) CCTV Kit from Hikvision's Hiwatch Range. This kit features full HD cameras and multi-format DVR with support for TVI, CVI, AHD and TVL cameras. Build your own bespoke 5-8 camera system. Please note that only the first 2 channels will feature the enhanced 3 Megapixel resolution (unless upgrading to the larger recorder).

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Are you looking for a new full Super HD CCTV Kit but don't want to pay the premium associated with it? The new AHD kits from Adata Ltd offer just that. This 4MP kit boasts excellent picture quality while being able to work over your existing coaxial wiring. Mix and match the cameras to suit your...