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Covert/Spy Cameras

A range of specialist products for covert operations as well as wearable cameras for Law Enforcement or other.

£74.99  (£89.99 inc VAT)   
If you require covert internal surveillance or less obvious cameras around your home then this PIR type cameras features a 3.6mm pinhole lens, a 1/29" sensor providing incredibly clear images with 10m of infra red coming from where the sensor usually is encased! (Price excludes cable and power...

£79.13  (£94.96 inc VAT)   

The CM-DC10 is a tiny CMOS camera hidden inside a 2.1mm DC power plug.

The business end of this cable looks just like a standard power jack the same as you would normally see in a charger cable but hidden inside the connector is a tiny CMOS camera head capturing at a resolution of 640 x 480

£102.87  (£123.44 inc VAT)   

The Lawmate RC300FHD Camera System, a 1080p high definition mini cam-stick with a built-in 5mp sensor.

£102.88  (£123.46 inc VAT)   

EP10 Earphone Spy Camera

These "in ear" style headphones contain one of the smallest spy cameras ever built. The 2.5mm jack on the end of the cable is designed to be plugged in to any of the Lawmate range of digital video recorders. When used with the new PV500 range it can easily be passed off as an MP3 player rather than an advanced digital video recorder with spy camera.

£108.33  (£130.00 inc VAT)   
These high resolution HD 1080P covert cameras are disguised in a realistic smoke detector case, they are easily disguised in a room where a smoke detector might normally sit. The camera has a 3.7mm fixed pinhole lens that fits snugly into the smoke detector case suitable on a large number of...

£110.79  (£132.95 inc VAT)   

The BU19 camera now comes with upgraded 700 TV-line resolution making captured images even clearer. With increased low light capture, this new camera will record in lighting conditions where other cameras will only produce a dark picture.

£142.46  (£170.95 inc VAT)   

LawMate PV-RC200HDW Camera System, a 1080p high definition key-fob, new 5 mega-pixel HD sensor and now with built-in Wi-Fi.

This is the 5th generation key fob from LawMate, an upgrade to the well-known PV-RC200HD2. In addition to offering 1080p high definition capture, 5 mega pixel snap-shots and a new Wide Dynamic Range sensor (WDR), the new RC200HDW now includes Wi-Fi connectivity to smart devices. All supplied in a brand new design, the RC200HDW now has a heavier, higher quality feel about it.

£150.38  (£180.46 inc VAT)   

Lawmate ER18 Headset Camera

● Convenient headset design with detachable camera to record in action and record without headset

£158.33  (£190.00 inc VAT)   

The LawMate PV-TM10 camera system, a high definition camera system cleverly disguised as a desktop thermometer & clock.

£162.46  (£194.95 inc VAT)   


¼ inch CMOS sensor
3.7mm covert lens
Works with iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s
Date & time stamped video

Camera case DVR
USB connection cable
8gb Micro SD card
Smartphone 4 lower case
Smartphone 5 lower case
Smartphone 5 transferring pad

£178.08  (£213.70 inc VAT)   

The PV-WS10 is a self-contained recording system that is simple to use and can be deployed in a matter of seconds.

Using an ultra-small 2 mega pixel sensor, the LawMate WS-10 recorder will capture incredibly crisp and clear 720p HD video. As with all LawMate systems, both the video and audio capture is Law Enforcement Grade and is also watermarked with the time, day and date for evidence.

£178.08  (£213.70 inc VAT)   

The LawMate MU10 recorder is a unique video recorder cleverly disguised as an everyday wireless mouse. Once activated, the wireless mouse will power itself via a rechargeable battery for up to 9 days. If used with the supplied cable, it can power from USB indefinitely and then looks like any other wired mouse.


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