Covert/Spy Cameras

A range of specialist products for covert operations as well as wearable cameras for Law Enforcement or other.

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If you require covert internal surveillance or less obvious cameras around your home then this PIR type cameras features a 3.6mm pinhole lens, a 1/29" sensor providing incredibly clear images with 10m of infra red coming from where the sensor usually is encased! (Price excludes cable and power...

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PV500 Lite 3 Digital Video Recorder The PV500 LITE 3 by LawMate is a first level law enforcement grade pocket digital video recorder. Built and designed for professional covert video surveillance operations.  This portable pocket DVR features a high resolution @...

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This is the new LawMate PV-500HDW & CM-BU18 HD camera kit. A brand new Wi-Fi enabled DVR and high definition button camera system The new PV-500HDW recorder is part of the 2016 range of Wi-Fi enabled devices from LawMate. The Wi-Fi connection allows the recorder to...

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LawMate PV500 EVO 2U* Digital Video Recorder   Compact yet powerful, this law enforcement grade digital video recorder features a much larger touchscreen, allowing for improved navigation of on screen items and menus The PV500 EVO 2U is also compatible...

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PV1000 Touch 5U - 500GB HDD This is the new LawMate PV1000 Touch 5U digital video recorder and it's had a major upgrade to make it one of the most versatile portable hard disk digital video recorders available on the market. Built to extremely high LawMate standards,...


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