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  • 25 frames per second is classed as real time and will give perfectly fluid frame rates. However for most applications this is overkill and eats up disk space, especially with HD CCTV.

    6-12 frames per second is normally perfectly adequate with 25 frames per second usually being used along with a large array of discs in high security commercial applications. A casino with fast moving hands is a good example.

  • Motion detected recording is a standard feature on all DVRs/NVRs nowadays. Using motion detection disk space can stretch over a much longer time period, especially when there is minimal activity. You can adjust on a per camera basis the sensitivity and even draw up a grid over the cameras screen to block off areas (such as bushes blowing in the wind) to reduce false triggers.

    Although you can also setup email/mobile app alerts when motion is detected this type of pixel analysis is not heat source motion detection so is a little more unreliable.  Thus false alarms/triggered recordings are to be expected although a lot of hard drive space can still be saved.

  • Finally we get asked this question a lot - can I not just put in any old PC hard drive? Well you can as the fit is the same however Western Digital (our main storage brand) create a range of drives for different applications. A CCTV hard drive has to cope with constant read write demands over long periods of time, whereas a PC hard drive does not. They also make server spec hard drives that are built to last in a server environment to a different specification.

    So CCTV hard drives are more robust and reliable over a longer term than PC hard drives and this is reflected in the cost. So if you want to fit PC hard drives feel free, but if your security is important to you we'd advise against it and this is why nearly all of our units come fitted with Western Digital Purple drives.